From our Chairman


(16th June 2016)

My Colleague, Michael Withycombe, forwarded to me your reply (see below) to his letter concerning your position in the EU referendum. 

I find it extraordinary that a member of the British Parliament has so little faith in the people of this great country which he represents.  The British electorate were shamefully deceived by your Party's leader in 1973 and would certainly not have voted to join if the true nature of the EU project hadn't been deliberately hidden from them.

This proudly independent island race will vote to leave a faceless, bur

eaucratic, unelected and profoundly undemocratic regime in Brussels on June 23rd and regain their independence and self respect. 

The suggestion that you make that we have to follow a Swiss or Norwegian model once we leave is ridiculous as is the suggestion that we will be unable to trade with the European Union when we are once again an independent nation. There is no comparison between countries such as Norway and Great Britain. 

After Brexit we will still be the EU's largest export market with far more being sold by them to us than we do to them and will therefore be in  a unique position to obtain an advantageous trade deal with them. Even more advantageous, however, will be the opportunity to trade freely with the rest of the world, particularly those Commonwealth countries which share not only our parliamentary and judicial systems but also our language. 

I find it sad to discover that you have so little faith in the genius, energy and entrepreneurial sprit of the people of our wonderful nation and that you condemn them to life in a land relegated to no more than a backwater province of a rapidly failing and totalitarian socialist republic.

I hope that when the will of the people is announced on 24th June you will follow your leader, resign as a member of Parliament and allow someone who really believes in Britain to represent the people of Ashford.

Yours Sincerely

Eddy Barrows




Letter from Damian Green MP to Michael Withycombe, 8th June 2016 (who asked Damian Green to explain his stance on the EU referendum).


Dear Mr. Withycombe,


Thank you for your email of 7th June about the referendum.


O course I believe that the will of the people as articulated in the referendum result needs to be respected by Parliament. But the question as to what happens if the British people take the disastrous decision to leave is a very interesting one and one best addressed to the leaders of the leave side of the argument. 


What will be the trading and other relationships between Britain and other European countries, and indeed the rest of the world if we vote to leave? 

There are various models on offer, all of which contradict each other and all of which have been adopted at one stage by one of the leaders of the Leave campaign.  Norway, Switzerland and Albania (which wishes to join the EU) have all been suggested as potential role models for Britain.  We have no idea what the Government of the day would eventually propose, and therefore what legislation would be required to enforce it. 


This is illustrative of the huge risks and uncertainty that a vote to leave would cause, even amongst its own supporters


This is one of the reasons why I believe Britain is stronger, safer and better off voting to remain.


Yours sincerely,


Damian Green









(2nd November 2015)

I think that we can all see more and more each day that the tide of public opinion is changing now that the true purpose of the European Union is becoming clear. David Cameron still flounders around Europe's capitals like a beggar seeking crumbs whilst desperately trying to once again hoodwink the British people.

 I have a message for our EU loving prime minister; the citizens of this proud island don't want pointless nibbling at the edges of our commitment to a centralised, undemocratic soviet style super-state, concessions which will undoubtedly be rescinded once a referendum is over. We don't want insignificant changes to the amount of benefits that immigrants can claim once they reach our shores. What the British people demand is to say a final farewell to Brussels and all it stands for; we were cruelly deceived when we opted to join and now we have no intention of being taken for fools again.

One of Mr Cameron's most implausible recent statements was that once we leave the EU and again become a sovereign nation, we will have the same status as Norway and will have to go cap in hand to the Brussels autocrats to be allowed to continue to trade with the remaining Euro states. In fact, once free of the dead hand of EU control, we will be free to trade freely anywhere in the world on our own, independently negotiated terms and bearing in mind that the EU sells far more to us than we do to them, there is no reason why a newly independent Britain, under a government with a bit of backbone, shouldn't be dictating to Brussels the terms upon which we will allow them to trade with us.

The fight to enable the British people to finally have a say in their future by means of a referendum was won by the political success of UKIP members across the country but in the final battle we must join our colleagues in the many other like-minded organisations who share our belief and determination to resist relentless Brussels encroachment on our ancient liberties.

The Referendum is not for us a political campaign but a battle waged by all who value freedom. It can be won if we are determined to win but those of us already committed must redouble our efforts to convince those still undecided that this will be our last chance to recreate our finest hour.

 Eddy Barrows



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